Photo Printing


As taking photos become more and more a part of life, people are increasingly appreciating the value of printing the photos they take. Prints decorate interiors, are displayed as works of art, and are sometimes given as gifts. We can produce prints in the format that meet your needs. You can also order prints directly from your smartphone using our Select&Go service.

A variety of print and photobook formats

Kitamura Camera provides a special gift print box for storing prized single photos. Available in a variety of designs and levels of quality, our gift print boxes are suitable for personal use, as gifts, and as wedding gifts. We can prepare prints to meet every need, from in-store same-day printing to authentic prints produced from film negatives.

Print menu

Basic photo printing

High-quality prints that only a specialist can provide. Use this service for Instagram squares and other common sizes.

Price: from 29 yen per print
Size: Square to A3
Processing time: minimum 10 minutes

Custom photo prints

We can add glowing skin or add stamps and other fun and exciting embellishments to your photos.

Price: from 29 yen per print
Size: Square to W4
Processing time: minimum 10 minutes

Premium prints

We have a variety of photo paper for bringing out the beauty of your photos, including crystal print paper and the soft velvety texture of non-glossy deep matte paper.

Price: from 400 yen per print
Size: 2L, A4
Processing time: minimum 30 minutes

Platinum prints

Platinum prints recreate superbly detailed gradations and profound shadow. What’s more, platinum prints last for 500 years. A synthesis of traditional techniques and the latest digital technology, these prints represent the pinnacle of photographic expression.

Price: from 66,000 yen per print
Size: from A4
Processing time: 1 month or more

Development and printing from film negatives

Besides developing, printing, and digitally converting film rolls and pictures taken with classic disposable cameras such as Utsurun-desu (QuickSnap) cameras and other lens film cameras, we can also deliver the data to a smartphone. We also provide an index print of the developed roll of film.

Price: Development: 720 yen, Prints: 37 yen per print, Digitizing: 500 yen, Smartphone transfer: 800 yen
Size: L to A3
Minimum processing time: 1 hours

Reversal film developing

Reversal film is said to be the test of a true photographer. We also do mounting as a way to help you create your own photo collection.

Price: from 698 yen
Finish: sleeve/mount
Processing time: 10 days

Smartphone photo printing

Whether from the Web page or by downloading a special app, you can order in three simple steps: select the photo, select the recipient, and order.

Price: from 29 yen per print
Size: Square to W4
Processing time: minimum 10 minutes

Postcard printing

Use our postcard printing service to design your own postcards, including seasonal and New Year greeting cards, and with or without photos, illustrations and text. Orders start at 10 cards prepared in as little as 1 hour. You can also order online.

Price: from 3,000 yen for 10 sheets
Processing time: