Apple Authorized Service Provider


B1F is the authorized repair service floor for Apple products. Kitamura Camera performs a variety of repair services such as display and battery replacement.

Repairs are performed by authorized specialists

Let Kitamura Camera, an Apple Authorized Service Provider, take care of your Apple product (iPhone, iPad, Mac, AirPods, Beats) repair needs. All repairs are performed by an Apple authorized technician.

Wait in pleasant surroundings while we repair your Apple product

While you wait for your repair to be completed relax with a fine herb tea cultivated on the West Coast of the US. To stimulate your creativity, there are also plenty of photo books on hand featuring the work of professional photographers shooting with an iPhone to demonstrate the exceptional quality of iPhone cameras.

How to prepare for your repair experience with Kitamura Camera

To make sure you have a smooth repair experience, the following page has info and precautions on what you need to prepare before bringing your product in for repair, including how to backup iPhone, iPad, or other Apple product data, check your Apple ID and password, double-check the warranty of your mobile service provider, and, for repairs of Beats and similar products. Please make your repair appointment only after following these precautions.
Moreover, the Find My iPhone (or iPad, iPod) feature needs be switched off, so please know how to disable the feature in advance of dropping it off for repair.

Advance appointments receive priority. Bringing in a product for repair without an appointment can result in long wait times and the repair may not be completed on the day the order was received.