ID Photos


Besides studio-quality profile photos for seeking employment and auditions, we do quick ID photos (ready in 10 minutes) using the technology of a professional photo shop. We also provide such extras as posing advice and a photo retouching service.


Photo Retouching

We can retouch your photos to your liking by making face color, dark circles under eyes, wrinkles, and the like less noticeable.

Data Transfer Service

We can send your ID photo modified for an online job entry sheet or another purpose to your smartphone or other digital device.

Full Dressing and Makeup Room

Preparing for a photo ID can be a hectic experience. We have a fully equipped dressing and makeup room so that you can get your outfit in perfect order and be ready to face the camera

Visa ID Photos for Every Country

We have data for Chinese marriage ID photos and other visas with special requirements, and we can process passport and visa applications for 90 different countries.