Event Space


Our event space is a multipurpose space for photo exhibits, workshops, live interviews, and more. Besides stacking chairs, the event space has a speaker system, monitors, and other equipment. From pro to amateur, our event space has as many uses as there are ideas.

Choose from a variety of exhibit formats

A flexible layout with movable partitions can create a space anywhere from around 15 to 30 square meters (160 to around 355 square feet). Walls are finished in cloth so that panels and other materials can be nailed to the surface, and picture rails are available for hanging exhibit items. Lighting rails are available for spot lighting.

Fully equipped with basic fixtures

The event space also has stacking chairs, tables, and microphone equipment for hosting seminars and classes. This is a multifunctional space for hosting not only photo exhibits but for exploring the world of photography through all kinds of photography-related special events and exhibits.