We offer backup, storage and digitization services to ensure that your precious memories won’t be lost due to deterioration, damage or loss,. We also offer data restoration and photo retouching services. Please contact us for more information.


Backup services for photos taken with digital cameras and smartphones

A large amount of data can be backed up to save data space in your computer. Data from multiple types of media, including smartphone photos, can be written to DVD-R discs.

680 yen per CD
1,380 yen per DVD
Time required: 1 hour or more

*Files available up to 2GB

*No additional writing

*Readable only on computer

Smartphone video-saving service.

Videos taken with your smartphone can be stored on DVDs or Blu-ray discs. You can also make cuts and print an index, enabling you to organize your videos.

【For TV playback】DVD storage From 2,480 yen per disc, Blu-ray storage From 3,680 yen per disc Time required: One day or more

*Orders will be accepted on the 1st floor from March 2021.

Digitization of images on color negative film,
printed photos and paper prints

The following 2 options are available with this service.

1. Digital preservation of color negative film on CD

Your images can be preserved not only on film but also as digital data so you can look at them whenever you want. This service is popular as a means of data backup.

Price: 680 yen per roll of color negative film (220 yen per image when limited to images)
Time required: 1 hour or more

*5 film rolls (200 images) can be saved on 1 C

*Resolution is about 2 million pixels (JPEG)

*Index printing included

*Fees for developing and printing are not included

2. Scanning and preservation of photos and paper prints as big as A4 in CD

Printed images can be scanned and digitally preserved even if the negatives or original data were lost. Postcards and other printed materials can also be scanned and digitally archived in CD.

Price: 500 yen for base fee. 50 yen or more per piece
Time required: 1 hour or more

*Resolution is about 1.5 million pixels (JPEG)

*Up to A4 size