Used Camera Sales


Kitamura Camera has an inventory of some 5,000 top-class used cameras from around the world. We are especially proud of our collection of world-class film cameras and manual lenses. You are certain to discover something new every time you visit.

Quality Ensured

When necessary, we have a brand certified workshop perform maintenance on the used cameras and lenses in our inventory. You can buy a product with confidence by also purchasing a warranty service guarantee.

Broad Network

You can use our nationwide Kitamura Network of about 700 outlets handling used products to special order used cameras and lenses. What’s more, you can request us to search for a favorite model.

Make Sure the Product Is Right for You

Before you buy a camera or lens, you can use our trial use service to try it out and make sure it is the right camera or lens for you.

*Contact the store for details

Buy Used Products with Confidence

Our used cameras and lenses come with a 6-month guarantee so that you can use them with confidence after your purchase.

*Does not apply to some products

Customize Your Camera

If you want to customize your camera, use our camera customizing service. We can customize your camera according to your preferences, including leather recovering, body repainting, and more.

A Variety of Adaptors for Previewing Lenses

We have a lineup of some 100 mount adaptors to ensure as much flexibility as possible when attaching lenses to cameras. Feel free to try out a lens at our shooting area.