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Used Camera Buying

Used Camera Buying

Our Re-pro Center features an open counter with a glass enclosure so that our customers can observe the purchase assessment process.

Our purchase assessments are performed by knowledgeable professionals backed by extensive data. Our assessment staff makes every effort to perform quick yet accurate and fair assessments that arrive at the best purchase price for your trade-in or used camera or lens. You also earn V-points for the products we buy.


Get the best price with our guaranteed purchase price

To ensure that you will be satisfied when parting with a cherished piece of equipment, we buy used cameras and lenses at the highest possible price based on our own criteria and data updated daily. (Kitamura Camera designated models are limited. Some models may be excluded due to condition or other factors.) Same-day assessment and purchase means no waiting. *In some cases, we may make a transfer.

What is MAX Price buying?

  • ・If the item is fully functional, we offer fixed-price buying.
  • ・Achieve high-value purchases even with fixed-price buying.
  • ・Two buying methods: direct shipment and in-store assessment.
  • ・With direct shipment buying, we buy from anywhere in the country.
  • ・Free delivery of packaging kits for sending bought items.
  • ・Free shipping for both sending bought items and packaging kits.
  • ・In-store, we also offer trade-in services.
  • ・For trade-ins, the price is increased by an additional 10% from the MAX Price Purchase value.

We can come to you

We can come to your home to assess and buying your cameras and lenses. Even if you are unable to visit us, you have the convenience of us coming to you.
*For details, please contact Kitamura Camera.

In-store trade-in and purchase steps

We buy:

Digital cameras/Dslr/Mirrorless interchangeable-lens cameras/Interchangeable lenses/Video

Step 1

Service counter check in

Check in the items that you want to sell at our buying counter. We will confirm and check in each item that you bring, including accessories.

Step 2


An experienced staff member performs a prompt and thorough assessment of your checked-in items. The staff member performs a precise assessment covering everything from external condition to operation.

*Assessments are performed free of charge.

Step 3


If you agree to do assessed amount, we pay cash for your item on the spot.

*When processing payment, we will ask you to present proof of ID (driver’s license, health insurance policy, passport, etc.).
*In some cases, we may make a transfer.

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