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Apple Authorized Service Provider

Apple Authorized Service Provider

B1F is the authorized repair service floor for Apple products. Kitamura Camera performs a variety of repair services such as display and battery replacement.


Repairs are performed by authorized specialists

Let Kitamura Camera, an Apple Authorized Service Provider, take care of your Apple product (iPhone, iPad, Mac, AirPods, Beats) repair needs. All repairs are performed by an Apple authorized technician.

How to prepare for your repair experience with Kitamura Camera

Please prepare in advance so that we can carry out repairs smoothly at the store.

・Please back up your data.

・Please disable “Find My Phone” (Apple ID and password required).

・If you have signed up for a guarantee from a mobile phone company or insurance company, please check the guarantee details and application procedure in advance.

Please also check the additional notes on the reservation page.

Please also check the other notes on the reservation page.

In case of out of stock

There is no connection between store reservations and the stock of repair parts. If the repair parts are not in stock, we will take them for repair. You can check the stock by calling the store you reserved the day before or on the day of your visit.

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