Access Information Shinjuku 3-26-14,Shinjuku-ku,Tokyo 〒160-0022


Tax-free for Shinjuku Kitamura Camera


Tax-free for Shinjuku Kitamura Camera

What’s the Shinjuku Kitamura Camera?

Shinjuku Kitamura Camera Shop is operated by “Kitamura Camera”, a long-established camera and photography company founded in 1934. It is a large company with physical stores located throughout Japan.

For all your camera, used camera, photo, and used watch needs, “Kitamura Camera” is the place to go. In particular, we have a world-class selection of used cameras. We also purchase cameras and watches.


Shinjuku 3-26-14,Shinjuku-ku,Tokyo
Zip-code : 160-0022

10:00~21:00 (including Apple product service)
*Studio Mario Shinjuku Kitamura Camera
・PICmii Shinjuku 10:00~19:00
*Open until 18:00 on December 31.
*We will be closed on January 1.

Tax-free conditions

  1. Tax exempt status is limited to those with "Temporary Visitor" status for 6 months or less from the date of entry, those with diplomatic or official status, and those with other landing permission (tourist landing permission, crew landing permission, landing permission for U.S. military personnel) related status.
*Diplomatic, official, and U.S. military personnel are eligible for tax exemption beyond 6 months.
*Landing permission stamps without re-entry permission are eligible.
  2. General items (excluding consumables) totaling 5,000 yen or more excluding tax. (Amount payable after discount)
  3. Consumables totaling 5,000 yen or more but less than 500,000 yen excluding tax.
*Consumables totaling at least 5,000 yen but less than or equal to 500,000 yen excluding tax for general items and consumables combined are exempt from taxation.
  4. When purchasing a camera, only one set of camera body and lens can be sold duty free.
*The second and subsequent sets of cameras are not eligible.

The following cases are not eligible for Tax-free

  1. Goods consumed in Japan, shipping costs, business expenses, etc.
  2. For sales and marketing purposes
  3. Photo printing, image preservation services, Memories Digitaization Service, photo restoration/processing *Photo books, photo goods, calendars are exempt from tax (general goods)
  4. Non-formal items such as paid services and repairs are not eligible.
Can you ship overseas?

Yes. Used cameras and watches are available from the following marketplaces.

*Note: Some countries and regions do not offer delivery service.

Other FAQ


What are the conditions for using Tax-free?


In order to use Tax-free, the applicant must have a short-stay status with a stay of less than 6 months. *Those whose seal of landing permission is not "re-entry".

A passport must be presented and Tax-free procedures must be completed at the time of purchase. (If you have other landing permits (e.g., landing permits for ship tourists, landing permits for crew members, etc.), please present them).

Please note that even if you are staying in Japan for more than 6 months, you are Tax-free if you have diplomatic, official, or U.S. military personnel status.


I am a foreign national and have been living in Japan for one year.


If you have diplomatic, official, or U.S. military-related status, you are exempt from taxation.

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