Access Information Shinjuku 3-26-14,Shinjuku-ku,Tokyo 〒160-0022

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Basement Gallery

Basement Gallery

In the world of music and photography, masterpieces that have been highly acclaimed worldwide have often emerged from underground scenes. Basement Gallery, born from the concept of “Disseminating Photographic Culture from the Underground,” is a space that continues to transmit the allure of photography to all photography enthusiasts. Please come and enjoy the many masterpieces and events that you can encounter in this space.

Basement Garally(ベースメントギャラリー)

Basement Gallery is conveniently located on the lower ground floor, accessible from the entrance on the first floor of our store. The gallery space is designed to be a refined and tranquil environment where visitors can fully engage with the artwork on display.

Basement Garally(ベースメントギャラリー)

Our spotlights are equipped with adjustable angles and brightness, allowing us to tailor the lighting to each artwork. The way the light falls can dramatically alter the mood of the piece, giving you the impression of viewing a completely different work of art.

Facility Overview
Area Maximum approx. 10 tsubo
Ceiling height 2600 mm
Capacity Approx. 40 people seated
Equipment Stackable chairs, belt partitions, wireless microphones, speakers, monitors, etc.
Event space use application

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